The Legend of L'eau

34 AB: Reload

L’eau, Gaul, and Angles escape from Citadel and are in being followed on surface by flying lizard men
Heros fended off attack in a cave (4 Angles & Gaul vs 9 Lizard Men, 3 survived and retreated)
Halflings and Giants ambushed L’eau’s party north of Bassalisk River, ripped off two Angels’ wings (now considered fallen angels) and two are still okay.
Sent Angels with wings to find Citadel / Gaul and two fallen angels outside Grady
L’eau went to find Expo for help – found him after killing some dwarves who have now occupied Southern General Man’s fortress (reinforcing it with stone)
Expo told L’eau about Citadel needing recharging – most likely in Vos. He also told L’eau about Stone Fox in Dwarfhame who could perhaps help out with some griffons to get to the citadel

L’eau’s current location: Fortress Pass, East of Grady
2 Angels / 2 Fallen Angels + Gaul (59 HP)

L’eau moves to Edlena then to the Keep (via shadow world) heading toward Stone Fox in Vos
Killed lizard men, minor displacer beasts, and flying arrow fucks
Picked up “Pete the kid” in Rzhlev from destroyed town under mountains
Running through mountains finding Stone Fox
Found walkie talkie radio rocks form Chuck (one message each way per day)

L’eau travels North to Dwarfhame – finds outpost in mountains, dwarven sentry, and eventually is granted an audience with Stone Fox.
Stone Fox returned from an unsuccessful goods run from his keep to the coast when L’eau meets him. SF makes a deal with L’eau that if he helps him complete this run – that he will reveal the recharging locations of the Citadel and help him with some resources in getting there.
L’eau agrees, accompanies the caravan, and aids in the battle in the pass on the way to the coast (including single handedly killing the 25-foot ogre/giant.
stone Fox tells L’eau that the Citadel recharges in three different places depending on what is needed – water is Lake Laden, urban is Timoshev, and Mountains are n hag.


Edlena – Southern General Man
200 2nd level MERCS
45 2nd level Rangers
10 1st level rangers
1 Col Biff
2 Wildrunners
8 Angles / 2 Fallen Angels (AT+7 / AC19 / HP65)
20k gold for recruitment

Tremar Fort – 18/00 Man
80 2nd level MERCS
20 2nd level MERCS w/ 20 HP (training)
“the 61st”: 15 4th level MERCS (Full Plate +shield LS +1)

Holstat – Terrick (Guerilla Training & Patrols)
40 1st level Rangers

Mudden New Keep – Col. Constantine (Steven / Chuck? / Dick from Dickland)
210 2nd level MERCS
50 1st level in training
“the 47th”: 9 6th level MERCS (LS+1 & SH+1)/ Assman 7th level MERC (sword of thundering & shield 2) / Spirit 8th level MERC (72 HP, Lance3, Full Plate 2, Shield +1, LS2)

Daum – Cryptic
100 dudes Reinforcing supply lines

Thorin’s Massenmarch Bugbear force (40)


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