The Legend of L'eau

33 AB: Southern Fire, Water, & Air

L’eau met Kaiser Soze in Grady – and blew him away with the ring of shooting start BloodPower – also burned down the safe house (?)
L’eau moves to the southern fort, which is under attack by halfling assassins who are bouncing in/out of the Shadow World.
L’eau decides to abandon the fort after he sees the Kagnosti army approaching. MERCs started a forest fire for a diversion while Southern General Man retreated to Edlena w/ $35K to recruit 500 men headquartered at Marriott SE.

L’eau got Kagnosti to follow him south down river in a boat, which ended in the Khagnosti death of the war party.
Giants trowing bolders and fucking up the flow of the river
L’eau also feels like he is being magically watched somehow
L’eau travels to Mesire – along the way he encounters the Black Spear Tribes (he kills all but two of them)
In Mesire, L’eau is pulled into a BloodFight with a random adventurer (Tom)
L’eau wins the duel – also draws significant attention to himself – and makes his way to the docs to commission a boat to follow the arrow of Kagnosti.
L’eau got ambushed on the way to the boat – but he did make it out of port in time.

L’eau stormed the citadel – and made it to the dungeon level. He whipped some major ass but eventually fell to 1/2 lizard/man creatures, brain drained, and thrown in a cell.
The Gaul came to his rescue with the Angels & fought their way out of the citadel to the surface.
L’eau, Gaul, & Angles ran to the edge and jumped while the 1/2 lizard more-mature winged-version took flight in pursuit
Angels, Gaul, L’eau fell into Bassalisk-ish area – lizards in pursuit. L’eau gained 12 level on this adventure, but lost a lot of magical items, including the Arrow of Kagnosti


Edlena – Southern General Man
200 2nd level MERCS
45 2nd level Rangers
10 1st level rangers
1 Col Biff
2 Wildrunners
10 Angles

Tremar Fort – 18/00 Man
100 2nd level MERCS
“the 61st”: 15 4th level MERCS (Full Plate +shield LS +1)

Holstat – Terrick (Guerilla Training & Patrols)
40 1st level Rangers

Mudden New Keep – Col. Constantine (Steven / Chuck? / Dick from Dickland)
60 2nd level MERCS
10 1st level in training
“the 47th”: 9 6th level MERCS (LS+1 & SH+1)/ Assman 7th level MERC (sword of thundering & shield 2) / Spirit 8th level MERC (72 HP, Lance3, Full Plate 2, Shield +1, LS2)

Thorin’s Massenmarch Bugbear force (40)


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