The Legend of L'eau

32 AB: Kagnosti Nights


- L’eau met Jerico in Daum who instructed L’eau to create a crack team as now that the BloodWar is heating up – he is Jerico’s henchman
- Jerico gave angels to L’eau who in turn gave them to 18/00 Man – who then sent them to Southern General Man
- Jerico sent L’eau for the Arrow of Khagnosti, currently occupied by Sandune
- L’eau heads South on his quest for the Arrow of Khagnosti – on the way he has his first halfling encounter and learned about shadow world.
- Caught Sandune’s trail and chased him to his tower tower. L’eau flew to the tower, hovered outside the bathroom window, and rolled a ‘1’ with the quickcrete – got kicked 5 times in the face.
- Drank enough potions to ge the job done and retrieved the Arrow of Khagnasti
TP’s (big pussy blue dragon) after L’eau for killing the blue dragon in the BloodSilver Quest
- The Arrow of Khagnosti in water will point the way to the next piece.


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