The Legend of L'eau

02 AB: 1st BloodSilver Quest

L’eau & Thorin got caught up in the 1st bloodsilver challenge that involved a lot of falling into darkness, a dungeon, and a big ass spider web.
- Thorin and L’eau became buds by mutual hatred for Maligant
- Bloodsilver successfully ‘fused’ into ElvenSteel / L’eau who was bummed b/c his mission was to bring it back for Ruddick
- Were both in dungeon for 1yr – 47th still was holding their post upon return
- Upon L’eau’s return, he was promoted to #1 commanding officer, above Southern General Man (who was totally fucking pissed)
- L’eau defends Brechlen from Maligant w/ gauntlets of swimming and climbing (swam across channel, boarded boat, and brought hell with him)


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