The Legend of L'eau

01 AB - L'eau Arrives

- L’eau woke up in the mountains
- first encounter was with Thorin, who demanded all of his magical items
- L’eau held is own – got beat up – met Chuck in the woods
- made way to Muden and signed up with the MERCS (under Ruddick) & was given command of the 47th
- had to calm bugbear risings at the fort near Tremaur
- Private Simmons was held @ bay by Bugbears and L’eau threw his sword and saved Simmon’s life by – cutting down the asshole holding him
- Windless was exiled by his tribe and randomly ran into L’eau in the woods
- Windless joined w/ L’eau and granted command of the 47th.
[MERCS had approximately 10K men at this point with the coin of illusionary tatoo]
- L’eau appointed to 2nd command of MERCS next to Southern General Man
- Ruddick sent L’eau to get BloodSilver for him


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